Founded in 1974, Great American Foods has grown to become one of the finest purveyors of packaged meat, ready to cook flavored poultry, beef and veal goods.   We have  40+ years in a USDA sanctioned facility.  We have a Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level 3 certification and an in depth HACCP Plan.   Great American Foods specializes in flavored protein products including marinated poultry products, The below services are offered in Beef, Veal and Poultry base products

  • Seasoned burgers and sliders
  • Italian and Sweet Sausage
  • Ground Meat 
  • Three meat seasoned meatloaf
  • Marinated and flavored

Our product development team can work with customers to develop custom products and flavors to meet specific needs of our clients.   All products can be packed as needed.

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) shelf life
  • Vacuum Packaging